5 secrets for healthy skin this spring.

spring skincare

As the weather gets milder, there is no need for a heavy moisturiser any more. Here are some easy changes that we recommend you make to your skincare routine to ensure your skin is happy and glowing.


Swap your creamy cleanser to a lightweight version such as cleansing gel or micellar lotion.


Get rid of dulling skin cells that build up during winter months by increasing the exfoliation to three times a week. You may also want to introduce the fruit acids to your new night time routine. Glycolic or Mandelic acids are great to stimulate the cell turnover and restore your skins healthy glow.


Change your moisturiser to a lighter, hydrating formula with SPF 20+. Not only does it protect the skin against sunburn but more importantly it protects the skin against free radicals and pre-mature skin ageing. 


Serum is a product with high concentration of active ingredientsthat cannot be used continuously. It's recommended as a skin boost every season change. Look for one with vitamins, coenzyme Q10, essential oils or hyaluronic acid.


To start your spring skincare routine on the right foot, we recommend a professional treatment in our salon where your therapist, after a detailed skin analyse, will highlight your skin needs and help you to choose the right home care products. The Power Boost Facial awakens even the most tired of complexions. It revitalises the mind, skin and body, leaving the skin luminous and fresh.

I hope you find this blog helpful.

Take care, Ella x


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